Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Finally Spring!!

And thank goodness...any more frosty weather and I think I would have moved to Mexico. I can't believe how long it has been since I updated my blog, but perhaps once you read this you will understand why. As soon as I returned from my September retreat to Nelson (where I took the spa management course), I was faced with a dilemma: Lakeshore Vein and Skincare clinic asked me to join their team. Of course at first I thought "No...how could I walk away from the business that I had built from the ground up? What would my clients think?" But then the Christmas season hit, and with that came extra long days, evenings of prep, not to mention getting ready to spend the season with my new in-laws! Suddenly the idea of working for someone else who would take care of all the books, phone calls, inventory, marketing, shopping, etc. was looking pretty good. What would it be like to work a 9 to 5 day? What would I do with all my extra time? Just as this dilemma was reaching it's climax (translation: they needed a decision), my mother died. In Ontario. Without a will. Now, before I go on, I must pause here to say that if you do not have a will or living trust in place, set it up now! Don't wait! It is so simple to do; you can download a template from the web and get it notarized. It will save your loved ones so much stress. Do it now. So anyway..... here I am at the height of my busiest season, needing to make a decision as to whether or not I want to work for the clinic and close the spa, and suddenly I need to deal with my mom's unorganized estate. There is absolutely no way I can fly home; it would compound my work to an unsurmountable level. So I deal. I get up at 5am so that I am able to call my mother's banks and creditors in Ontario for 6am (9am their time). Then I go to the spa from 8am to 8pm, get home, answer emails, website queries, and do the spa laundry. Go to bed, and do it all over again. And again. For weeks. Let me say this once more for those who didn't take me seriously...have an up-to-date will in place!! Finally, during the first week of Februay, I have an epiphany. I realize that no matter how much work it takes to run Namaste Day Spa, it is my dream come true. It fulfills me in ways that working for someone else never could. Don't get me wrong; a fabulous schedule, guarunteed salary and benefits are certainly nothing to scoff at; and I would like to take this opportunity to publicy thank Drs. Wong and Bently for their fantastic offer. But suddenly on that Febuary morning, I knew that it wasn't right for me. But how do you tell someone after nearly six months of planning and meetings that it "just doesn't feel right"? And as if on cue, the universe intervened. That very morning I opened my email to find a message from the clinic. They sensed my apprehension, and also felt that maybe this wasn't the best move for me. Whew! Two weeks later, my brother came out from Ontario for a 10 day visit. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years! Since our mother died we both really felt the need to reconnect. The visit was awesome; we drove out to Nakusp and stayed at the hot springs. Then we drove on to Nelson and spent a few days out there. We went tubing at Silverstar, watched hours of "Trailer Park Boys", and just hung out. It was great. I want him to move out here so badly! But alas a cross-country move is not for everyone. But I can always hope :) So here we are , April 1st. And a new bundle of stress has been laid in my lap. The lady who I sublease from (who owns the store downstairs), gave me 2 months' notice. Gulp. Apparently she wants my studio space to be her new design office. So here I am , 8 weeks and counting, searching desprately for new retail space. Then last night, my partner and I decide that we would be crazy not to take advantage of the price drop in real estate. Could we not find a house that has a carriage home that I could turn into the spa? There has to be! So off we go to look at houses. Five to be exact. All fantastic options, but one that we HAD to have. So we made an offer at 10pm last night. Stay tuned for more adventures of the Sleepless Spa girl. P.S. Anyone want to buy a condo?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn is here!

Happy fall everyone! I just cannot believe how quickly the leaves have changed colour, can you? I 'm not complaining though; autumn is my most favourite season. It is probably the only time of year that I miss my hometown in Ontario, with all of those colorful maple trees lining the streets.
As you may know, I recently attended a week-long retreat in Nelson at a spa management course. Not only did this recharge my batteries, but I returned with a head full of new knowledge and inspirtation. I took this course in order to learn more about the business side of running the spa; and boy did I learn a lot. If any of you out there are also in the spa business, I highly recommend the company that put on the retreat. There website is www.spaformation.com
Thanks again to all my clients who put up with an unusually long wait list due to my being away for a week!
I will also let you know that the spa will be closed from November 16 to 20. I am taking yet another advanced pedicure course, this time focusing on foot problems normally reserved for podiatrists. I can't wait! Fungus, ingrown nails, infections....yummy!
Well, that's all for now my beloved clients. I will post again closer to Christmas. Love, Kim

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer is here at last!

This May long weekend my partner and I took advantage of the sunshine, and completed a much needed facelift on the exterior of Namaste Spa. We filled up the flower boxes, wacked some weeds, and put some fresh paint on a couple of new antiques...come and check it out :)

As many of my long-time clients know, summer is a SUPER BUSY time for me at the spa; everyone is suddenly aware of their forgotten toes and unwanted body hair. This means that, on average, I am booking at least three weeks in advance. I know this is news to some people, and I fully understand if you need to visit another practitioner while you wait for an appointment with me. But I hate to say "no" to you, wonderful clients, so please...book early! I will be keeping an ongoing cancellation list so please give me a call if you would like to be notified in the event of a sudden cancellation; this actually happens on a regular basis, so you will often be phoned within a week.

I will try to keep my blog updated as much as possible, but please forgive me if I slack a little during these busy upcoming months. Have a great summer everyone. Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's day is just around the corner!

Pssst...what does every mother need more of? Time to herself!! Treat the deserving lady in your life to an experience at Namaste Day Spa. Purchase a gift certificate by simply contacting me through this website... or phone the me!. We can arrange a convenient time for pickup, or I can mail the certificate directly to mom by securing your credit card info. How convenient is that?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring has sprung!

And by the looks of my tulips who are poking their little heads out of the soil, mother nature can't wait to warm up. But I still can't believe we are in the first week of April! So much has happened since I last updated my blog (sorry folks). First, I wish to congratulate my client Melissa B. who is pregnant with her first child. Yay! Secondly, a big congrats to Amy Bates and her new team of stylists at MOD Salon. Amy has been in business for herself for several years, and finally took the plunge to expand into a commercial location. Way to go Amy!!

The last time I "blogged", I was getting ready to head to Vancouver for the annual International Spa & Esthetics conference. It was awesome! Three full days of education, presenters and new products to check out...I was in my glory. I signed up for two very exciting projects that will take place this spring. The first is a series of "advanced pedicuring technique" classes, beginning in May. The courses are taught through the North American School of Pedicuring. (Betcha didn't know such a school even existed!) Seriously though, I am so happy to be expanding my knowledge of foot disorders, skin and nail conditions, and treating the diabetic foot. I will keep you updated :)

The second project will remain a secret until June...so stay tuned.

Before I sign out, I want to remind everyone that April is "Stress Awareness Month"; a perfect excuse to come in for some pampering. And this month only, if you purchase a gift certificate for someone special, YOU will receive 10% off your next treatment with me!

Hope to see you soon.......love Kim

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy February!

Whether or not you will be celebrating this month with someone special, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy some soul-nourishing spa time. This month's special: 60min hot stone massage + spa facial for $120...that's a savings of $15! Also, my featured Beauticontrol product of the month is their famed brown sugar collection. Hand scrubs, body lotions, colognes and gel washes that are good enough to eat. And as always, these products are fantastic for your skin.

I also need to gently remind my clients that a cancellation of less than 12 hours of your scheduled appointment will require a payment of 50%. Failure to show requires 100% payment. Thank you for understanding in this matter....

xoxo Kim

Monday, January 14, 2008

January - February 2008

Happy New Year to all of my clients, old and new. I hope that your holiday season was a restful one; full of family, friends, and good food!

I have a chalkboard hanging at the studio with a quote that says "January is a time for rest, reflection and self-care". I truly believe this statement and so far have followed my own advice. I get an extra hour of sleep, receive regular massage, and take time out to write in my journal on a weekly basis. I find that this winter routine helps to balance out my busy schedule, and keeps me from getting sick. What are you doing for yourself this year?

If you are viewing my website after receiving my New Year's mailout, thank you! You will receive 20% off your next treatment with me. Upon your visit, you will also receive a referral card to pass on to one lucky friend or family member entitling them to 20% off their first service with me..talk about a gift of good health!

Some small changes to my pricing will be effective as of February 01, 2008. Namely, GST will no longer be included in treatment prices. Also, the discount which is given for booking 3 or more services at a time has been reduced from 15% to 10%. This is still an incredible deal! And lastly, the cost of my classic pedicure has been raised from $50 to $55 for 90 minutes. If you have received one of my pedi's , you know that it is well worth the increase. Most of these changes have already been posted on my website, but if you have an older brochure, they are not.

Please note that the spa will be closed from Jan 19 to Jan 22; I will be taking a short trip for some R&R...yay!

I am contemplating a monthly e-newsletter of sorts, hilighting a "spa special" every month. If you are interested in receiving this, send me an email; I will add your address to my list!

Thank you, clients! Without you, there would be no Namaste Day Spa.

Love, Kim